Thursday, November 04, 2004

The bitch is back...

What does Elton John mean by "upmarket Spinal Tap"? That his sitcom on ABC is going to be more highbrow than This Is Spinal Tap? What a bitch. A few thoughts

1. Anytime the concept of your show can be boiled down to three words, and two of those words are the title of a movie, you can't be a goddamn snob about it.

2. Has Elton John ever been associated with the highbrow? Being English does not automatically elevate one to being a wit. I mean, was that rhinestone Dodgers uniform actually an Oscar Wilde-esque comment on American secular religion and materialism? Or did he just like to dress like a jackass?

3. Nothing screams upmarket like "sitcom" and "ABC". Maybe they can do a sweeps episode doing a crossover with "8 Simple Rules". Or a Halloween episode where the main character dresses up as a heterosexual. Delighfully randy, Elton!

4. Can I start referring to reruns of "Small Wonder" as "upmarket Blade Runner"?


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