Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Come on up for the rising/ Twenty-four hour concierge and a heated pooooool...

Goddamn Springsteen, always standing in the way of progress. Unless it involves hot dogs. Always with the hot dogs...

N.J. condo drops 'Rising' name at Boss' request
"''First, 'The Rising' was written in the shadow of Sept. 11 and should remain connected to the heartbreak and courage of that day,'' Springsteen wrote to the triCityNews. ''... I respectfully ask the city fathers and developers to place both my and my song's names out of the running for any new buildings, streets, hot dog stands (well, maybe hot dog stands) as the city moves toward its exciting future.''"
I got the same letter when I tried to open a sweet shoppe called "Candy's Room". I had to go with my second choice: "Fudge Tunnel".


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