Monday, November 29, 2004

The District sleeps alone tonight/ after the bars turn out their lights...

The Washington City Paper has a little ditty about the odd romance between the Postal Service (the whistful band) and the Postal Service (the lumbering government agency). Seems the Feds wanted to crack the whip on the band for use of the name, but everyone came away happy with that cure-all of modern disputes, the licensing agreement. Ah, synergy. So now the band has played what had to be the hottest of all hot D.C. parties, the annual U.S. Postal Service conference, and the USPS is selling their albums online. (They're also selling the Ultimate Mancini. This is probably as a result of the agreement precipitated by Henry Mancini drunkenly telling an Atlantic City audience one New Year's Eve that "the goddamn post office can kiss my whole asshole," famously paraphrased by Jay-Z on "99 Problems".)


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