Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween: the day after

A few thoughts:

1. I like when people take their costumes to the next level. Why be a witch when you can be a slutty witch? Slutty witches, slutty angels, slutty wireless service providers. What I don't like? Every other girl has to wear a costume involving wings.

2. I heard Ted Leo's "Hearts of Oak" at a bar, and as much as I like the new album, nothing on it shakes a tailfeather like that song.

3. If you find a copy of Arthur Magazine in your local bar, make sure to read the back-and-forth between David Cross and Eugene Mirman about the election. Good stuff. At one point it's noted that there's nothing scarier than the threat of being raped in assholes you don't even have yet. And I agree.

4. OK, I get it. You have jumbo slices of pizza. Now get your goddamn sign out of my face. (Being angry at the sign guy did not stop me from enjoying a slice at the end of my night. It was as big as a baby. A big, cheesy, four-dollar baby.)

5. At a bar in the gayborhood I heard The Replacements' "Androgynous". Perfect.


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