Monday, November 15, 2004

Hollywood is under me/ I'm Martin Sheen/ I'm Steve McQueen/ I'm Jimmy Dean...

It's kind of sad we've gotten to the point that the movies Michael Stipe produces are more interesting than the music he makes. First he had Being John Malkovich, and more recently, Saved. Now, he's signed on to produce Slo-Mo:
SLO-MO follows what happens to a writer for the New Yorker magazine whose articles have made him an intellectual sensation and earned him A-list standing in Manhattan's social scene. His fans are eagerly anticipating the release of his upcoming book, but little do they know that the immense pressure of living up to everyone's expectations is having a serious and strange effect on the writer. The pressure to deliver his book has caused the man to fall into a parallel reality where time moves slower than in our world. While it sounds like the added time to work on his book would be a benefit, the side effects of living in this strange dimension are causing problems, such as how to communicate with those that exist in a faster state of being.
Sound interesting. Now make better music.


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