Friday, November 12, 2004

Two recommendations

1. "Ain't That Pretty At All" Pixies
Has age treated the Pixies well? A friend and I used to talk about which bands should do reunions, and I think we cam to the conclusion that no bands should. It would be like a bad high school reunion, more sad, pathetic, and nostalgic than a creation of new good times. You can make arguments for Jawbox and Afghan Whigs, but even then... eh. I've heard some mixed things from their shows, but the two newly-recorded songs, "Ain't That Pretty At All" and "Bam Thwok" just make me feel all giddy and good inside. I'm not familiar at all with the Warren Zevon original, but the cover is, from what I've read, a complete deconstruction. And you know what? Sounds like fun. Sounds comfortable and daring at the same time. I like it. Good show, Pixies.

2. The New Danger, Mos Def
Good gravy, this is good stuff. I've read back-and-forth reviews of tis album and I'm on the thumbs-up side. I've never listened to the Mos Def's first album but I did see the first half of The Italian Job, so that counts, right? What about that Alicia Keys video he was in? Damn he looked fine... I mean... are you ready for some football? Ahem. Anyway, any argument that album is too all over the place is bullshit. Maybe it's just me but I like albums like Phrenology and The New Danger, willing to explore and try new things. He does rely a bit too much on samples from iconic songs ("The Message", "What's Goin' On?") but I can forgive. Just too damn good.


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