Thursday, November 18, 2004

You used to be so amused/ at Napoleon in rags/ and the language that he used...

We just love our lists. Angries up the blood. Rolling Stone should just change their name to Stirring Shit Up Bi-Weekly. Spin might be even worse because they tend to overrate contemporary music ("Maroon 5 made us throw out our Stevie Wonder albums!"). But for now, we're talking Rolling Stone and their list of the 500 best songs. Bob Dylan gets the top spot with "Like a Rolling Stone". In a nice segue, The Rolling Stones are second, with "Satisfaction". And you can argue about that, but you can't fault them. Those are solid choices. It's when you start wading into the deep cuts that you're gonna have some arguments. Are Eminem's "Stan" or "Lose Yourself" really two of the best 500 songs ever written? And as much as I like "Hey Ya", in 5 years are we really going to look back and say that it was the 180th best song ever?

That's the problem with these lists. Is something enduring purely because it's popular? What about songs that not everyone has heard? How are we going to judge something recently released a decade down the road? Any which way, we music nerds may complain about this stuff, but we secretly love it. We love to see shit stirred up.


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