Friday, December 17, 2004

Got me a chrysler, it's as big as a whale...

They say it was a place for hugging and a-kissing. Dancing. Loving. They were wearing next to nothing. Why? It was hot as an oven. And that's irony's cue to enter, stage left.
Fire destroys cabin that inspired `Love Shack'

The tin roof and a burned-out frame are all that remain of a cabin believed to have inspired the B-52's '80s party hit "Love Shack."

Athens-Clarke County fire officials said Thursday they considered the fire that gutted the unoccupied five-room cabin set back in a field "suspicious" and hadn't ruled out arson.
Arson, you say? Perhaps someone put off by the sign that says "Stay away fools, 'cause love rules... at the lo-uh-ove shack". Now all that remains is the burnt-out ember, much like the dreams of former-quarterback, Toby Keith-listening, middle managers that populate the red states of this nation.


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