Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Polyphonic Christmas Carol

More Polyphonic Spree fun, for those in the Dalls/Ft. Worth area. And did you know Tim DeLaughter made the People's Sexiest Men list this year? I thought cult leaders were only sexy to the cult members.
This year's concert will feature an original musical play featuring all twenty four members of the band as actors, dancers, and live soundtrack. "The Polyphonic Christmas Carol," written and directed by Spree French Hornist, Louis Schwadron, unfolds the could-be catastrophe when frustrated lead singer Tim DeLaughter decides to quit his own band on Christmas Eve, wishing he'd never started the band in the first place. With a comedic spin on the classic Dickens original, Tim will be visited by a slew of spirit guides tossing him into a tempest of his own cloudy Christmas wish. Will Tim save himself, The Polyphonic Spree and Christmas from utter destruction?


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