Friday, December 17, 2004

You're obselete, my baby/ My poor old-fashioned lady/ I said baby, baby, baby, you're out of time...

Catfight! Meow!
Good Charlotte Singer Heats Up Duff/ Lohan Beef: Good Charlotte's Joel Madden has allegedly gotten into the middle of the beef between Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff.

Backstage at last Friday's Z-100 Jingle Ball radio festival in New York, the pop-punk singer refused to give Lohan's 8-year-old brother an autograph until she publicly apologized to Duff for their ongoing war of words, according to an eyewitness.
Look at the fake suburban punk stirring up shit. With an 8 year old. This is bigger than when Joe Strummer demanded Mick Jagger apologizen to the Shrimpton sisters for playing games with their hearts.


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