Thursday, January 27, 2005

The best laugh never leaves your lungs...

CNN has a story on Numero Group reissues. It's not along exactly on point, but it needs to be asked: When are they going to come out with Springsteen special editions? My dream is something that straddles the line between the Stones/Dylan reissues and the Elvis Costello Rhino reissues: Nice digipak packaging; maybe some original inserts, lyric sheets, liner notes; and most importantly, extra tracks. And this is where the most recent Elvis Costello reissues got it right: put the extra tracks on a whole other disc. The first wave of those reissues just lumped the extra tracks in at the end of the normal album, so I never really appreciated My Aim Is True as a pure album. It always felt bloated to me until I realized I should just stop the CD before the extras. After that, it was a whole other experience. You hear me Columbia?


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