Saturday, January 22, 2005

Better step your game up, get on the bus/ when the spotlight hits you, bet your face get flushed...

While Television Without Pity says they're still doing recaps of Missy Elliott's "The Road to Stardom", I can find no evidence of this week's episode. And that's a damn shame; this was the week I finally caught it. Let me say, this show redefines "off the hook". Things that were off the hook a mere month ago? Not so much now. Like Lil' Jon once said, "Consider the paradigm shifted, bitch. YEA-AH!" Also, if I had to make a sculpture out of junk that represented my inspiration, and if while explaining it I wanted to bust out in tears like a lot of the other contestants did, I'd dedicate my artwork to the cat I had that got feline leukemia. Rest in peace, Sylvester; meow, meow.


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