Thursday, January 27, 2005

"Even people with no arms be feelin' me..."

Man oh man, that "Road to Stardom". The first group with Deltrice, Akil, Marcus and Eddie? It's like they were the stars of a teen movie where they were in some uptight music school or something and they try to fit in but finally they're like "Hell with this, I'm going to do my own thing," and maybe they're taken under the wing of the school rebel, who's real quiet but you know, he's good people, heals sick birds on the side, and at the end there's a big showcase and they come out and invent this new hybrid of music and they get the scholarship, kiss the guy, their poor father wins the lottery, and the bad guy comes over and and is all "Yeah, you know what? You're pretty good" and they're like "I know. You're not so bad yourself" and they give each other some complicated handshake and then... scene. Maybe Train plays over the credits. Yeah, the version of "Sweet Home Alabama" that Deltrice/Akil/Marcus/Eddie did on the show would be the showcase song in that movie. It sounded very focus-grouped, like it was different but not daring, unusual but not experimental. But still, they "raised the roof". And all the Nashvillians dancing with the contestants at the end? That's America, people, courtesy of Missy Elliott and her magical square lollipop.


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