Thursday, January 13, 2005

I like a tombstone 'cause it weathers well/ and if it stands or crumbles only time will tell...

In the interests of unbridled cleverness I'm trying to pair stories with a thin thematic connection, much like presenters at an awards show. So here it goes. First, dead Bob Marley's going to get his ass exhumed and reburied in Ethiopia. (All I know is, Ethiopian food is surprisingly tasty. Addis Ababa on 18th St. NW in D.C. is real good eats, and Ethiopian beer is better than you'd think.) And speaking of graves, the Black Crowes have risen from theirs and are planning five reunion shows.(Shit, that was good. I should write for the local news. "Speaking of people being washed away in the tsunami, looks like Brad and Jennifer's love got swept away... in a tsunami of Hollywood jealousy!")


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