Wednesday, January 12, 2005

On stage the bugle looks so cute/ and the trumpet goes "toot toot toot"...

The Polyphonic Spree is looking for a new horn blower
We are looking for a wonderful, innovative, incredible trumpet player....preferably someone in dallas/denton area....we assure you it will not be an easy task to fill the shoes of Logan Keese musically or with that in mind, we are requesting someone who can bring their own personal style and taste of playing into The Spree. This player needs great improvisational skills. We are obviously a touring band with many, many adventures full time...if anyone knows of a really cool kid, girl or boy, that can handle the road, thirty something new people in their life, etc...........and loves music with a WIDE range...please let us know!

Serious candidates or friends of bad ass trumpet players please email us at
Toot toot! One catch: I think you may have to sleep with everyone in the band. And have you ever seen the old guy in the chorus? I hear he's quite the angry lover. So remember: serious inquiries only.


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