Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ya gotta get... that... dirt off your shoulder...

Who wins in a fight: Jay-Z or R. Kelly? Would it even be close? Something tells me R. Kelly slaps a lot and uses his nails. Or he pulls some crap like "Ow, I think I'm bleeding!" and doubles over, then when Jay-Z comes close, R. throws some dirt in his eyes. I know that's what I would do, but then again, I don't videotape myself have sex with underage girls, so I'm one up in the smarts department.
Jay-Z Dissing R. Kelly On 'Drop It Like It's Hot' Remix?

The last few lines of Jay's raps, however, seem to take a jab at R. Kelly. Although Jay doesn't mention the Pied Piper by name, he does talk about a man who had to leave a stage and is now taking him to court...

"It's Jizz-ay, homey, you got pizz-ayed/ Take it like a man, the flow ran you off the stizz-age/ Wasting your time trying to sue S Dot/ Tell your lawyer to take the civil case and drop it like it's hot."


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