Monday, January 10, 2005

You can make me perfect again... has the new U2 video for "All Because of You", which was filmed when they were rolling around New York a few months ago on the back of a flatbed. The wierd thing about it is that in the context of the video, the song becomes about the audience, that they vindicate Bono, they make him what he is. And that's supposed to make the audience feel better. "Oh, it's because of me? Without you, you'd just be playing music into a gaping void? Well, I guess mom was right about me being special." It all hews too close to that Backstreet Boys song, where in the video they're in a spaceship or something, saying, basically, big ups to our fans, we wouldn't be gajillionaires without you. I'm really not going to look up which song that was.


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