Wednesday, January 26, 2005

You know it's time to change/ when you're only wet/ because of the rain...

Oh, Tori Tori Tori, always a few stuffed animals short of a teddy bear picnic. I used to think she was the shit (and I wasn't even a gay or unicorn-loving sad girl), but since Choirgirl Hotel she hasn't done a thing for me. There's always hope she will, but it's dim. Rolling Stone has a story on her, and she's got a book and a new album coming out. Both promise to be wacky.

I'll leave you with this (not from the linked article, but from here, which if you're a Tori fan will probably light your candle): Tori, what's "Raspberry Swirl" about? "The animus in me is Raspberry Swirl, I'm in love with my women friends, but I just don't eat pussy. But I'm in love with them." Nice.


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