Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm dreaming of good vibrations...

More like bad vibrations! Good lord this stuff writes itself. Most critics don't seem to like the new Broadway play based on Beach Boys songs. It's kind of like Mamma Mia, except not aggressively marketed towards sad housewives. From the New York Times:
But audience members strong enough to sit through this rickety jukebox of a show, which manages to purge all catchiness from the surpassingly catchy hits of the Beach Boys, will discover that the production does have a reason to be, and a noble one: "Good Vibrations" sacrifices itself, night after night and with considerable anguish, to make all other musicals on Broadway look good.
The New York Daily News
Given the synthetic nature of everything about this show, wouldn't it have been cheaper and more effective to play the actual Beach Boys tracks and have the cast lip-sync?
Although the Daily News did like one thing:
Heidi Ettinger's sets are uncharacteristically chintzy, though the foamy waves are well lit.
Foam-wave lighter, take your bow.


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