Wednesday, February 09, 2005

So you wanna be a rock 'n' roll star/ well, listen now to what I say...

Because nothing says rock and roll like equitable relief: the big ol' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is trying to lay a Cleveland steamer on the poor little Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Good for you, Hall of Fame. How dare they combine words like "Rock and Roll" and "Hall of Fame". Tagging "Jewish" at the beginning doesn't obscure the true designs of this farce: robbing Cleveland of tourism. You give in on this, next they'll start an online Drew Carey walking tour. Isn't it enough that they secretly control Hollywood?
[David] Segal, a Washington Post reporter and former rock critic for that paper, said, "The ideas that anyone would confuse a large museum with a Web site run by a couple of Jewish guys with a computer is amazing to me, especially since it isn't even up yet."
Mr. Segal, you give too much credit to the American public. In the long run all I know is Patti Smith probably won't be in either Hall.


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