Thursday, March 24, 2005

Can I keep/this buzz around...

I'm officially trying to start "buzz." This is what we should be talking about, instead of "the culture of life" and vegetative states:

1. Since U Been Gone: Sweeping indie rock nation. Officially OK to like Kelly Clarkson, at least this once. The question now becomes, is she cute or not. Not passing judgment, I'm just passing this along.
1a. Ted Leo covering Since U Been Gone: This was the bread in the indie-rock crabcake: it cemented "Since U Been Gone" as OK to like. "Oh, you like that too? So do I." You'd think people were coming out of the closet.
2. Deltron 3030: I can't stop listening to it. Plus, someone burned it from me this week. There's a lot of resistance to 3030, and I don't know why. Are concept albums about futuristic rap battles anathema and I don't know?
3. Wilco's a ghost is born EP: The lack of buzz is the buzz. Ride that logic, Page Six.
4. The Steering Column Joke I Read Online: Pirate walks into a bar with a steering column in his pants. Bartender asks what a steering column is doing in his pants. Pirate says "Arrrr, I don't know, but it's drivin' me nuts!" Supposedly works with an Irishman, but what use does an Irishman have with a steering column, as he probably has a suspended license? (I can make these jokes because I'm Irish. Why can I make Mexican jokes, then? Because they are funny.)
5. Slint reunion: Again, deafening. Silence. D.C. does not care.
6. Mexican jokes: see above.
7. The American version of The Office: Will it suck? Will it rock? I think what people are missing here is a way to save "Arrested Development": take it off FOX, and have the BBC air it in England. This will guarantee NBC will try and make an "American" version.
8. The Concretes' Say Something New: Used in those Target ads, the song is like someone took all my preconceptions about Scandanavia and made it musical. Can I explain further? Nope.


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