Wednesday, March 23, 2005

He wished he was drunk/ thought about something he said/ and how stupid it had sounded...

When I lived in Boston, I used to shop at Newbury Comics all the time. The one on Newbury Street was possibly the most annoying one, with easily the highest hipster employee to customer ratio. That's where I finally bought Slint's Spiderland. One guy behind the counter said "Dude, you need to buy that on vinyl." And I said, "Dude, you need to shut the fuck up." Real loud. In my head.

So flash forward from then to last night, where I went to the Slint reunion show and once again, I had a great milkshake at Ben's Chili Bowl. It was creamy without being too thick, nice and chocolately. Really a dream. And those veggie chili cheese fries? Nothing better. Does anything beat Ben's after a few beers? Or even before a few beers? Isn't it better than jumbo slice? I could get fries and a shake every night, sit at the counter, and watch basketball. That would be dreamy.

Oh, and the show. The show really wasn't anything to write home about. They must have taken a full minute between each song to tune, which doesn't exactly seduce the sweet mistress momentum into bed with you. And no one seemed to care much for the stuff that wasn't off Spiderland. The songs from that album were moody and dynamic; everything else was just unrelentingly sludgy. It sounded like what going to high school in the '90s felt like, and after a while, that gets monotonous. I kept wanting to say "It sounds so heavy" but there's no way of saying that without sounding like an idiot. Like listening to Guided by Voices and saying "But their songs are so short" or saying Italians like spaghetti. Because they do. Such is the nature of the beast. But getting back on point, even I want to shake my ass at some point.

But that milkshake? Heaven. Highlight of the night.


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