Sunday, March 27, 2005

Here's the thing, we started out friends...

Entertainment Weekly recognizes the indie-rock respect for "Since U Been Gone" in an article about Kelly Clarkson:
Even hard-to-please rock snobs are embracing the anthem's addictive hook and tween mosh-pit vibe on their blogs. "I've now listened to this goddamned Kelly Clarkson song 41 times since last Wednesday," writes one convert; Mike Doughty of the defunct alt-rock quartet Soul Coughing recently called it one of his three top MP3s, and even indie-rock hero Ted Leo has recorded a much sought-after acoustic version that became a web phenom.

Informed of the hoopla, Clarkson responds: "What's a blog?"

On a side note: "alt-rock"? Do people still say "alt-rock"? Whenever I hear that phrase, all I can think about is Old School:

Mitch: So, what else have you got planned? Like a student band or somethin'?
Beanie: [sarcastic] Yeah. Yeah, that's it. I got a student alt-rock band comin' on stage next.


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