Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"I was thinking about putting out a band name, but like, something, like, ironic..."

By way of Comsco's Tommy Mac, through The Nebraska Company, over the hills, through the woods, et. al. and etc.: Ryan Adams wackiness.
The real humor comes when you mouse-over the bottom worm and find a recording of a conversation between Ryan and the guys at his label...

The call documents a conversation regarding a possible fourth album Adams has apparently finished recording (of "like five or six" that Ryan envisions releasing this year). The label chair and head of marketing call to tell Adams that the record is terrible, and he seems to have trouble grasing that concept, instead working on the tract that he should release the records under a different name to get off that "whole thing" (apparently that "thing" being how people perceive his name). I see this phone call as one of two things: either it is a total fake, and Ryan is making fun of his current fly-by-idiot status, or the honchos at Ryan's label are just as willing to make fun of him as is the rest of the public. Whatever it is, check out the call. There's some beautifully quotable lines in there.
Granted, I can't find this magical "bottom worm," and it's making me crazy angry. I think Ryan Adams likes to paddle in the estuary where irony ends and stupidity begins (see "Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues"), in a boat named "Political Comment," and I want to see it for myself. He's a step away from scrawling "Slave" on his cheek and performing "Gett Off" at the Grammys.


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