Monday, March 28, 2005

I've been drivin' for an hour/ just talkin' to the rain...

I tell you this, because as an artist, I think you'll understand: With all this talk about "Since U Been Gone", I have to admit it doesn't grab me like it does others. I think, at best, "Since U Been Gone" has allowed others to recognize their affection for certain pop trash and brought a nation of music listeners together. And for that, it must be saluted. It is the Lech Walesa of Top 40 radio. I see how someone might get hooked, but I haven't. It's too overproduced and I'm not a big fan of her voice. I feel out of the loop. And sometimes you're more apt to do things after a few glasses (or a bottle) of cheap wine than before, so I went online and downloaded my version of "Since U Been Gone": Michelle Branch's "Breathe". I wasn't even that into "Everywhere", which was her big supposed guilty pleasure song. It's just a big gloop of sonic velvetta, and I want to smother my nachos in it. So there it is, out there. And I feel better for having said it.


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