Saturday, March 12, 2005

I've given up on social niceties/ I threw them out when I threw out your keys...

Last night at the 9:30 Club:

Hot Hot Heat look like they’ll steal your girlfriend, what with their fitted velvet jackets, smart shoes, and shaggy hair, but that doesn't mean I can't respect them for putting on a good show. I shouldn't like them so much, but I do; they don’t sound like they're trying to be another band (though one song they played that I didn’t know sounded way too close to “Respectable Street”, giving creedance to my friend Jason’s argument that they sound like XTC). I mean, I can hear pieces, but that's fair. Every band draws from influences. It's when you could label any song "The Wire Song" or "The Cars Song" or "The VU Song" that I start to dismiss a band. Anyway, their new stuff? A lot better than "Goodnight, Goodnight" would have you believe (but I'm warming up, slowly and surely). And it's actually hard not to dance to. Even I, cycnical and surly and Irish, moved a little bit, doing the mod shuffle with my hands in my pockets (I have to keep some of my dignity). Really, really good live band. And I think I'm convinced that "Bandages" is one of the best songs of the past few years. But watch them around your girlfriends. I'm telling ya, I don't like the looks in their eyes. Pure sex. Scared me.

Louis XIV was wasn't bad for a Bowie cover band, but I didn’t recognize the songs. Must have been deep, deep cuts. If only they had played “Panic in Detroit” or “Moonage Daydream”, I think I may have liked them a lot more. I'd say save your money and just buy Ziggy Stardust, especially that expanded remastered edition. Now that'll churn your sand into pearl.

Ben's Chili Bowl, on the other hand, makes a mean chocolate milkshake. At first, it's so thick it's impossible to get through the straw. But once it melts a bit, it's pure chocolatey goodness. Highly recommended.


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