Monday, March 28, 2005

"Never show your hand, my friend"

My friend Becker saw the Twilight Singers in the land of naps and sangria months ago, and I've been remiss in passing along his bit of Dulliania:
Greg Dulli’s Twilight Singers (as billed here) slew and the Spanish went crazy for it, screaming along to every Whigs’ song. I wrote a gushing fan review here at under News & Updates. Additionally, Dulli was sitting down at his piano to play an Outkast song, the crowd was silent and there wasn’t much banter all night from either side. I yelled out, “The Red Sox took it, you Motherfucker” (last time he’d been in Boston he just ripped on the sox all night). He turned around surprised and said, “Well yes you did. I even won some money on you guys. Never show your hand my friend. Never show your hand.”


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