Wednesday, March 30, 2005

One Tree Hill and my blown mind...

I totally missed the One Tree Hill Tour, the idea of which is both brilliant and post-modern, when it came through town. The Washington Post caught it, but does not give it justice. Four thoughts:

1. Haley is so not the bad girl on OTH. Yes, she kissed a guy when she was married, but she's conflicted about it. There's a difference between bad and conflicted. God.

2. "Hilton, 21, also pleaded illness, and the sensitive offerings early in his set didn't grab the mainly pubescent female crowd. Hilton has been signed to play Elvis Presley in a feature film scheduled for fall release. That's why it's called 'acting'." Does this sentence make sense in any way? It's so ESL. I am so lost. (Much like Haley's husband Nathan after she left him to follow her dream. On tour. Which is this tour. Do you see how post-modern this is? Friggin' brilliant. I cannot stress this any more.)

3. Michelle Branch is pregnant? This blows my mind on so many levels. Is Stephan Jenkins1 the dad? Now that would rock.

4. What is it about Ryan Adams' "When the Stars Go Blue" that has so enraptured mediocre artists? Am I missing something?

1Stephan Jenkins being the lead singer of Third Eye Blind. Or as I call them, 3EB. He is "going out with" Vanessa Carlton, who sang "A Thousand Miles". Being interchangeable musically to some, it would be interesting if Mr. Jenkins believed Ms. Branch and Ms. Carlton to be interchangeable... sexually. I think that would be deliciously ironic. Or not. My grasp of the definition of "ironic" is Alanis Morrisette-esque. At the very least, it would be like a less-talented, grungier version of Dangerous Liaisons.


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