Monday, March 28, 2005

Take your God-filled soul/ fill it with devils and dust...

"Devils and Dust" can be streamed on AOL music today, and should be available tomorrow on iTunes tomorrow. It's a great song, continuing in the tradition of The Rising, but a bit more intimate, more Tunnel of Love. I think Brendan O'Brien really does right by Bruce, bringing out the muscular quality of his music without pulling a Don Was and crapping up an older musician's production. (Although he does succumb to the "You know what this needs to make you sound modern? Drum loops" syndrome at times.) Thumbs up to AOL for doing this, but oh great goddamn is it annoying to hear a voice saying "AOL music first listen" breaking in every minute. It's even more annoying than the Jerry Maguire version of "Secret Garden".


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