Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You've been with the professors and they've all liked your looks...

Columbia University is hosting An Evening of Talk on Bob Dylan on Monday. One of the panelists is Christopher Ricks, whom I actually met years ago during a summer program in Oxford when he was a professor at Boston University. He was giving a talk about Dylan Thomas, and gave a more informal lecture about Bob Dylan. During the lecture, he must have played "Not Dark Yet" two or three times, and each time he put his face in his hands, elbows on his knees while the song played. It was as if it was just too much. It was such an emotional response to the music, and that alone was impressive. Then I got drunk on sherry and made inappropriate comments about Joan Baez. Anyway, King of Dylan Nerds Greil Marcus is on the panel too. So if you're in NYC, this is probably a better way to spend your time than watching "Still Standing" in your chicken pot pie-stained sweatpants.


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