Wednesday, April 13, 2005

And I'm alone without the sun...

Once upon a time, I had the For Squirrels album, and I really liked their single, "Mighty K.C." They were a minor source of fascination in '95 or '96. For Squirrels, the story went, signed a record contract, recorded an album, had a bright future, et cetera et cetera. Then in '95 their tour van got in an accident, killing two members.

Which made "Mighty K.C." mighty creepy and a lot haunting. Coming out after the accident, and since the singer was one of the two victims, the song is absolutely harrowing. Most of the song rumbles in a descending minor key. Images of people lying in hospital beds and burnt hair. It gets worse when the melody changes and they sing "Ship me off to the morgue/ I'm ready to be buried alone." And it might sound like this is Alice in Chains or metal, but really, the analogs are probably R.E.M. and Jeff Buckley (more musically than vocally). The real kick in the stones comes during the jangly uplift of the chorus: "And by the grace of God go I/ into the great unknown/ Things are gonna change in our favor." By that time, if the song hasn't killed you, the only thing that will is a lack of oil or an electrical overload to your motherboard. Great song. I downloaded it off iTunes and it still packs a punch, like a cocktail made by a teenage bartender.


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