Monday, April 25, 2005

Brown eyed girl, I turned my back on you, now it's lonely...

If you can't wait for tomorrow to get your Springsteen fix, Yahoo Music has a streaming video for "All I'm Thinking About".

It's a surprisingly delicate song, with Bruce singing a falsetto that's on the verge of breaking and a lightly strummed guitar. It sounds like there's some organ in there, and the backing vocals that sound like little kids is a nice touch. But for such a small song, it has no right going past the four minute mark.

Also, tomorrow is Bruce Springsteen Day on VH1 Classic, because VH1 has that kind of pull. It can just name days for people. And the government, by law, has to recognize it. This is how powerful VH1 is. I think Daniel Patrick Moynihan is responsible for this, when he was on his way out of Congress, drunk with power, and just didn't give a damn anymore. I don't have to go to school and you don't have to go to work. Or to the arcade or the bushes outside that girl's apartment, or however you spend your day. It's like making Sandy Koufax pitch on passover: not cool.
VH1 Classic has declared Tuesday, April 26, to be "Bruce Springsteen Day" to mark the release of Devils & Dust, with videos, concert films, and "new interview moments with Springsteen himself exclusive to the channel." On Monday, April 25, VH1 Classic will play the new "Devils & Dust" video every hour at the top of the hour.


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