Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Like that? I combined "iTunes" and "Tuesday" to form one word. I think the advertising term for it is "fucking sweet."

I went apeshit on iTunes today, and by apeshit, I'm talking $1.98 and three songs. You heard me right. I was feeling my oats.

Joe Pernice and Jose Ayerve: "Moonshot Manny"
I don't think this is worth the $0.99 and substantial risk of identity theft caused by using iTunes on a wireless network. I don't even know if it's worth that much even if you're a hardcore Sox or Pernice fan (and if you're a hardcore Jose Ayerve fan... well, I don't know what to say. Who is he?). But it's probably a good representation of what it's like in Manny's head after pounding a Tequiza.

The Kaiser Chiefs: "I Predict A Riot"
Yeah. Uh... Remember when all the bands started copying Stone Temple Pilots? That was wierd, right? So I'm not wrong, that when bands start aping Franz Ferdinand, it's odd. We've reached the point where the bastards are having their own bastards, and the birth defects are kicking in. This is mood music for robot sex: lifeless and unorginal. Not worth the money paid, and it was a free download.

Ryan Adams: "Let It Ride"
The opening line is something about the Cumberland River and "I was leanin' on the Delta Queen". So...there's that. Who's the bigger fake cowboy: Bush or Adams? But I did buy Adams' fake-cowboy B.S. back in Whiskeytown, so why shouldn't I buy it now? Still, the chorus, like many latter-day Adams work, is weak. I mean, "Let it ride/ Let it ride easy down the road"? Other than that, it's got lap steel!


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