Friday, April 22, 2005

"You want some payola? Here's some payola, motherfuckers!"

Here's a great review (on Pitchfork, of all places) of a future obscure classic, Robert Pollard's Relaxation of the Asshole. This reminds me of a CD copy of an LP of friend of mine had, where some blaxploitation star (was it Rudy Ray Moore? Maybe.) described, for a good twenty minutes, the myriad ways he would make sweet love to his lady. He dropped the f-bomb a few times in this description. The second side/track was his lady explaining ways in which she would return the favor. I need both this album and the Robert Pollard album in my collection if it is to be worth anything aesthetically.

Also recommended, along the same lines, but a bit classier: Jon Wurster's comedy albums.


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