Thursday, May 12, 2005

Discover a Lovelier You

Summer 2005 is shaping up to be summer 2003 part deux, at least musically. I got two of my favorite albums that year over that magical summer: The New Pornographer's Electric Version and The Pernice Brothers' Yours, Mine & Ours. We already know the new New Pornographers album comes out in August, but now it comes to light that a new Pernice Brothers album is coming out in a mere month.

But of course, the day after I place an order for their live CD (which you can preview here, and it's pretty sweet) and the Big Tobacco album, they announce a pre-order for the new album that comes with a special gift. Balls! And this is all after I found out they don't have a sweet Pega Luna, Manny t-shirt available in my size (XXXL). I don't wish this life on anyone. This must be how Elliott Smith felt.


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