Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Hot List

It's been so long, and I've been so lazy. Popular culture will only allow me to think or communicate in soundbite form.

Spoon's Gimme Fiction: This shit is hotter than it needs or has any right to be.
Bob Dylan's book: "Balzac is hilarious."
Summer: Genetics have made it impossible for me to take off my shirt. Damn this season.
The National's "All the Wine": "I'm a perfect piece of ass, like every Californian." Yes, finally, someone got it right.
Six dollar wine: Way too easy to drink.
No more Shaw Report in Entertainment Weekly: My only hope is that Jessica lands on her feet. Somewhere, a ragged near-40 type is mumbling "5 minutes ago" at people with the collar of their Le Tigre shirts worn up.
Bloc Party's "Price of Gas": "The price of gas keeps rising/ nothing comes for free." Is metaphor now considered "5 minutes ago"?
The Decemberists: Who can sit through an album with lyrics like "Below the tamaracks/ He is crying/ 'Corn cobs and candle wax for the buying'"? The answer: not me. Did Colin Meloy hear Belle and Sebastian for the first time and think to himself "Good, but not precious enough." "16 Military Wives" kicks a lot of ass, though.
People with the collar of their Le Tigre shirts worn up: Assholes.


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