Thursday, May 05, 2005

I wanna confiscate your drugs/ I don't think I can get enough...

Not only can you use to prey on the opposite sex's insecurities about acceptance in order to get laid, but now you can preview the new Weezer album there as well. Then you can post on your profile that "Hold Me" brought a tear to your eye, but it's no "Across the Sea" and add a little wink (;-D) and all that's left is to figure out the perfect excuse why you can't wear a condom (here's a start: allergies).

In general, the album's good, but boring. I mean, you know what you're getting at this point, so it's almost pointless to argue the specifics. Big choruses? A little irony? Hair-metal influence? Maybe a little bit of sadness, hiding behind the clown's mask that's only worn so the world won't beat you down more than it already has? Check, check, check, and check. So there you go.


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