Tuesday, May 17, 2005

There's a train wreck/ picking up survivors/ from a plane crash...

We are absolutely balls deep in streaming albums, and the internet demands sincere thank you's.

First off, does Joe Pernice ever dissapoint? This one isn't as poppy as Yours Mine & Ours, but it's another step and another surprise for a band that started off with an album full of sad chamber-pop. I'm sorry, does that read too much like ad copy? I'm on vacation and my mind's on fucking autopilot.

Second of all, the new Sleater-Kinney has been compared to Fugazi, circa whenever they decided to throw off the shackles of that most suburban of hairshirts, straight edge-ism. I mean, there's a goddamn 11 minute song on here. That's going to have a lot of the 15-year-old girls at their shows adjusting their "Livestrong" bracelets in silent discomfort.


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