Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This is all I can take/ this is how a heart breaks...

It's already been documented how much Rob Thomas' "This Is How A Heart Breaks" absolutely fucking sucks as an NBA Finals theme. But it deserves another meantion. It makes me think Congress really should apologize for lynching. I read Rob's "Woe is me" article in GQ. And I felt bad for second. A quick second. But boo-hoo-fucking-hoo. If you're listening to Wilco and putting out the shit he does, would you be surprsied Tweedy sees you as a musical pariah? I don't think Mr. Thomas walked in and said, "this should should sound like a ghost is born". Fuck you, Rob Thomas. You are a musical pariah. Boo. Fucking. Hoo.

By the way, cheers to Morningstar Chik Patties. And free Jack and Cokes at the Childe Harold. Jeers to AIDS in Africa.


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