Thursday, June 23, 2005

Whole lot of walkin' to do...

Because I refuse to pay service charges, and even more because I'm a procrastinator, I didn't get tickets for Ted Leo's sold out show tonight. When does Ted Leo sell out the 9:30 Club? What kind of marvelous world is it that Ted Leo sells out the 9:30? I saw him three times last summer, and when I saw him at the Black Cat, they sold out, but I still got tickets by walking up. Of course, the Black Cat might not be the best barometer, as I don't know if they do all ages shows, and I don't know how much advance sales they do (although recently Bloc Party and Stephen Malkmus have sold out there more than a few days in advance).

I walked down to try and scavange tickets but was turned away by my own shyness and the massive amounts of high schoolers also looking for tickets. The will call window was full of kids with their parents' credit card numbers written on index cards. And while it's beautiful that these kids are into the indie rock, and remind me of me outside the Trocadero in Philly during the early '90s, I also cursed them because I didn't have a ticket and even if I did, I don't exactly enjoy all ages shows. So I did what they cannot do and went to a few bars and drank too-expensive beer. So eat it, high schoolers.

So I'm home, drinking cheap wine from a mug, watching game 7 of the NBA Finals. I'm kind of hoping during halftime Rob Thomas clears up exactly how a heart breaks, as his song is vague at best. My bet? It involves Robert Horry and the city of Detroit being burned to the ground.


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