Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Now that's a good idea/ she said, she said...

...And then there's the Willie Nelson reggae album, which got trashed by the Post today. I had asked a very good friend about this album recently, and he said he wasn't worried. But I was worried, in the same way that sometimes you're just about to fall asleep and you start thinking about babies born with hearts on the outside of their chests, or if that squirrel ever made it out of the crawlspace alive or are you going to have to go in there with a stick and do something about it. It just sounds like such a bad idea, it shouldn't've even happen. Monstrously bad. Of course, bad ideas and reggae albums are sometimes born of the same mother, and her name is Mary Jane. So think about that.

Even more astounding than this bad idea? That the guy who reviewed it has "Freedom" in his name. Do you think he was given the assignment for this reason alone? The Post hasn't had this sort of strangely aptonymical synergy going on since R. Douchebag Moneymaker covered Bush's first year in office.

Cheers to Ben & Jerry's Fossil Fuel. Jeers to turning 45 in your 28th year. And Dell computers.


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