Thursday, July 28, 2005

You're obsolete my baby/ my poor old-fasioned baby...

The rumor was the Stones would bash Bush on their new album, and there were some whispers that the album would be called Neo-Con, but it looks like it's going to be called A Bigger Bang. Which is great, because it just reduces their present-day musical contributions back to the null set. They say it's a reference to the beginning of the universe, but I can almost hear Mick Jagger laughing into his hand at the insane cleverness of his dirty, cunning mind. "A bigger bang! Get it? Like fucking! So much better than political statements!" Yes, we get it. Sometimes when I look at the cover of my Between the Buttons LP, a tear will drop from Brian Jones' stoned eye, like some Virgin Mary statue in Mexico.

So after congratulating himself on 60 years of sly double entendres, maybe Mick dials up Jann Wenner to see if his old friend can hijack the Rolling Stone reviews section to write propaganda for him, just like when Wenner gave Goddess in the Doorway five stars. I don't remember when the Rolling Stones mattered or when they truly were considered dangerous, but does that mean I can't be nostalgic for those times?


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