Thursday, August 11, 2005

Disturbance at the Heron House/ a stampede at the monument...

Being in D.C., I thought I'd see more free shows. Especially shows attached to a cause, like R.E.M. playing on the capitol steps (the actual steps, not that goofy improv/musical troupe) after the Tibetan Freedom Concert. But the only thing close to that I'd seen was the NFL Kickoff Concert 2003, where Britney Spears' cause seemed to be the elimination of live vocals at concerts.

But now comes Operation Ceasefire, with Le Tigre, Thievery Corporation, Bouncing Souls, and Ted Leo, on September 24 on the National Mall. There's some other stuff going on with it, like workshops on how to not get consumed by your righteous anger, but the show's what counts.

Make sure you choose what you wear carefully, because the government's probably going to take you picture from a satellite. You don't want to be looking through your FBI file years from now and think "I popped my collar and wore oversize sunglasses? I guess I really was a douche."


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