Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Get Up, Stand Up

Here's something to look out for next month: a PBS documentary on protest songs. Michael Stipe, Springsteen, Chuck D, and Bono are involved, which is a good line up. Bob Geldof is going to give his two cents as well, but you gotta take the bitter with the sweet.

This documentary comes at an interesting time, since a lot of critics have talked about the lack of contemporary protest songs, especially with things being, as the talking heads say "totally effed up." (I guess they're not counting Rob Thomas' "Lonely No More" and its protest against good songwriting.) Maybe protest songs are a thing of the past; the future is all about protest ring tones.

Speaking of protest songs, where's that Paris Hilton album we were promised? There's a big irony-shaped hole in my heart that demands it. Maybe Lil' Jon passed it along to Nigel Goodrich for some last minute bleeps and bloops.


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