Thursday, August 11, 2005

I got a hand on the wheel/ the other on my fire...

Two new Twilight Singers songs are streaming over at, and good God, these songs show you how it's done. They sound more like the Whigs than anything the Singers have done previously. This is the next evolutionary step after 1965; in fact, the chorus of "So Tight" sounds slightly like one of the songs off that album, but I can't put my finger on it. But it just rolls dirty. With firearms. "Golden Boy" is more in the "Crazy" vein: kind of poppy, wistful with its chiming chords and spacious rhythm section, but still big and possibly high on coke.

Dulli's ability to write primal, dirty music so easily and play the pervert so charismatically is probably one of the top five underappreciated things in music. It's really something to marvel at. He knows all the formulas, knows what buttons to press; he's like a pornographic mathematician. Hear those drums at the beginning of "So Tight"? That's what philosophers call a 12-inch dick, and Dulli has it and he's swinging it around. He'll put it on your table and flirt with your girlfriend, too. Every piece of that song is just huge and the man flaunts it. Even the title is something that Jagger would have tried in his younger years, but wouldn't be ballsy enough to try now or pull off so effectively. From what I hear of these two songs, I think we have a record of the year contender.


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