Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My sweet neo-con...

Looks like I've been punk'd and the Rolling Stones really are grasping at cultural significance, recording a song about Bush called "Sweet Neo-Con" that will appear on their forthcoming album. So now they're cooking with gas, but I don't know if this is just controversy for the sake of publicity or what. Let's just hope Mick doesn't try and rap the lyrics. And trust me, if Don Was thought it would be a good idea, it would have happened (after Mick did some market research, seeing if the kids enjoyed the rap stuff). And if Don Was thinks it's a good idea, it's not.
Jagger said of the track: “It is direct. Keith said: ‘It's not really metaphorical.’... ”I think he’s a bit worried because he lives in the US. But I don’t.”
Since when does Keith worry about retribution? The man's a ninja. He's firearms. And I don't know who got it wrong, Drudge or this blog which quotes from him, but... Keith Roberts?


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