Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This ain't no foolin' around...

'Thanks for the shirt. I look forward to giving this to my maid's son.'
Courtesy of Sienna Miller Fan. At the same moment this picture was taken, David Byrne was wearing a shirt that said "Bring the Filtration Plant to the Bronx's Van Courtlandt Park!" Now that is kismet, though really, they need to work on finding a catchier slogan, because as it stands, Byrne's shirt would be too hard to read when he's walking. And that bastard walks fast. You'd be like "Bring the Filtra... Hold up! Damn it, that bastard walks fast!" Also, word is Guiliani will roll out Joey Ramone's rotting corpse at a press conference. Very Weekend at Bernie's, and the press will just eat it up. Hey, the man's a hero, a golden god in mortal form, and he can do whatever he wants.


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