Monday, September 05, 2005

And let no one know until I'm gone...

Alex Chilton is missing? Where is the coverage or the outrage? Does the president not care about black people or well-respected cult songwriters? (By the way, it's not that the president doesn't care about black people, it's that he doesn't care about poor people. He absolutely loves black people who have money.)

Update: OK, looks like he's alright and was spotted in a bar, so I'm behind the times. You're off the hook this time, President Bush, but I swear to God, if Van Dyke Parks ever goes missing, you better get you ass in gear quick-like.

In better news, the Pernice Brothers are selling a downloadable EP through their site, all proceeds of which go to the Red Cross (not to be confused with the critically acclaimed '90s band Red Kross, which will have to continue to make money the old-fashioned way.)


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