Friday, September 02, 2005

Success is so forbidding/ but it makes me think I am winning...

Oh, snap, William and Mary, you got served by Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah. When the Black Cat comes calling, you answer the phone. Then you cancel on the well-respected liberal arts school. William and Mary: indie rock's safety school.

(This was pointed out by DCist. Propers where propers are due.)

I tried to see these guys in Philly, but totally missed them. Turns out - surprise! - they weren't the headliners of the show, and all I got for my $10 was a six-song set by Magnolia Electric Co. (which was pretty good, all things considered) and a sweated-through shirt (the First Unitarian Church basement is like living under a Al Rocker's balls, pre-gastric bypass). Looks like I got served by the dreadlocked guy at the door. My one chance to be ahead of the curve, and I blew it.


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