Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I want something else to get me through this...

It was a good CD-listening day. The iPod has turned me into a constantly fast-forwarding slave of the the shuffle setting. It makes me miss the fine art of the sequenced album.

I started out with Keith Richards' Talk is Cheap into At Folsom County. I re-listened to the last Buckner album and its still boring. I'm listening to the new Broken Social Scene, which still suffers from an extreme lack of humor and an embarassing stab at rap. It's not bad, it's just tough to judge it being that I got it within a day of getting DangerDoom.

Somewhere in there I listened to the first half of the first Third Eye Blind album. And I'm not going to say I listened to it ironically. In the bar of my mind, I was dancing on a table to "Semi-Charmed Life".


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